Crash, Bam, Boom – Smoke and Mirrors

Working on tight budgets not only calls for innovative approaches to lighting and crewing but to FX. The storyline in Irrefutable Proof is driven by a car crash in the opening minutes. After going through several permutations the plan for shooting the sequence came down to clever use of every camera trick in the book, stationary cars, moving extras, moving BG cars, dollying and driving in reverse, an added dab of CGI, you name it.
At the end of the day it is all about supplying the editor with the critical frames and creating an illusion. So on a very small budget, in one day, we created a spectacular crash no-one could survive.
I will be posting an outline of how this was achieved in another post.
#robdraperacs #Arriflex #Alexa #IrrefutableProof

photo by Mark Davis

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