Coming Soon- Shooting football against a bluescreen…on a budget.

All the news that’s fit to print. In response to numerous questions via email you can get the inside scoop on how I went about shooting Sushi Tushi. A football film, with no stadium, on a small budget. The studio, the bluescreen, lighting, codecs, LUT’s, lensing, etc… I will include lighting diagrams and storyboards to give an complete look inside the shooting of a relatively complex independent film.




Is It Technically Perfect – Who Cares?

I have had a few emails today regarding my earlier Facebook post. I was questioned as to why the images did not look like they were shot on Alexa or Canon 5D (two of the camera’s I used for the shoot). My response is….what should images from the Alexa and Canon 5D look like? Is there a rule for using those camera’s or do they have a very special signature that says…this image was shot on a “this or that” camera. It seems most these days regard a good image as something with shallow depth of field and sharp as a tack. Continue reading

How did you get the B&W look in The Three Stooges movie? (coming soon)

On set in Sydney, Australia filming The Three Stooges.
The picture called for re-enactments of some of the classic Three Stooges shorts. Continue reading

Upcoming Posts – Technocrats and Artists

Over the coming weeks I will be posting articles with my viewpoints on various aspects of cinematography. Gained from more than 30 years experience in more than 50 countries I hope to provide an insight into seeing through the technology to the art of what we do as cinematographers.